Medium Telescoping Grip Portable Grab Bar

Medium Telescoping Grip Portable Grab Bar
Item# BC500M
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Product Description

Medium Telescoping Grip Portable Grab Bar
The Medium Telescoping Grip Portable Grab Bar offers a adjustable length Handle that Extends to fit your needs.

** Beware of Cheap Imitations and “As seen on TV” gimmicks sold be others; they will Not hold your weight because their suction pads are made from plastic, Not Rubber **

The key to safety is in the rubber our Larger 4.7” diameter pads are the strongest and most reliable on the market today; the Holding Power is incredible! You will be amazed by the strength. Tested and approved by Health Professionals, including Orthopedic Surgeons and Occupational Therapists.

Test results by a certified testing firm determined that the average person can generate about 80lbs of pull force; at that point their fingers straighten out. Our High Quality Rubber Suction Pads are capable of holding over 350lbs of Pull Force Strength! By far the safest and most reliable on the market today.

• The Powerful Suction Cups provide a firm hold to your Tub, Shower, and any other smooth Surface.

• Installs without tools or expensive professional installation - Save Hundreds of dollars!

• Will not damage surface; great for renters.

• Designed as a Serious Home Medical Device - Flimsy alternatives do not compare!

• Say Goodbye to Ugly Grab Bars-This Grab Bar is Heavy Duty but still stylish enough for any decor.

• Simply Flip two levers to attach and remove.

• Great for use on all smooth non-porous surfaces!

• Adjustable Length Handle Allows for Placement between Tile Grout Lines

• Easy to pack away and take with you for added safety when traveling.

• Position anywhere you need some assistance.

• Because it is Portable and will not damage or deface property, it is great for:

-Bathtub and Showers


-Hotel Stays

-Winter Destinations (perfect for Snow Birds)



-Whenever a permanent grab bar is not possible.

• Adjustable Overall Length Ranging from 19"-24"

• Suction Cups Measure 4.7" in diameter

• Highest Quality Rubber Suction Cups give you the confidence you need to move freely and independently without worry.

* Minimum tile size 5” *